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Recommendations for NextGen Health IT Infrastructure

Health care information technology (health IT) facilitates the delivery of personalized medicine by providing and supporting the infrastructure for patients, consumers and health care providers to communicate and distribute information. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (collectively, the Office) acknowledge the importance of the … Continue reading this entry

From Personal Computers to Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine offers something for everyone. Dell Corporation, most notably known for producing computers has recently become deeply involved in the health industry. But the company isn’t just creating computers for the industry; they are currently working on significant, life-saving advancements, such as products and services to apply genomics to treatments. Dell announced that its … Continue reading this entry

Managing Risks in Health Care Cloud Computing

The collection, analysis and sharing of large amounts of information, such as genetic data, is an important part of the implementation and management of personalized medicine. Many health care providers are moving applications and other IT infrastructure components into “the cloud” to share and manage this information. However, the use of cloud computing is not without legal risks … Continue reading this entry

H.R. 6626: The Healthcare Innovation and Marketplace Technologies Act

On December 3, 2012, Representative Mike Honda of California introduced The Healthcare Innovation and Marketplace Technologies Act (HIMTA), to foster more innovation in the health care industry by removing barriers in wireless health. See HR 6626, attached. Office of  Wireless Health  The bill would establish an Office of Wireless Health at the Food and Drug Administration … Continue reading this entry