Low cost sequencing of a patient’s genome and advances in the interpretation of a patient’s genetic information is promised to transform the delivery of health care. To date, much of personalized medicine has focused on the use of genetics and data analytics to match a patient to the best treatment, especially in the area of oncology. However the use of genetics and data analytics is moving into the design of clinical trials, the validation of biomarkers, and point of care diagnostics. Thus, there is a growing interest in the aggregation, analysis, and use of a patient’s genetic information for commercial and research purposes. However, in the United States, the use of such information depends on a variety of state and federal privacy laws.

Foley & Lardner attorneys M. Leeann Habte, Claire N. Marblestone, and Jennifer M. Forde have co-authored a white paper entitled “Privacy Issues in the Sharing of Genetic Information.” The white paper reviews and analyzes the various state and federal legislation that governs the use of genetic information. The paper is a must-have resource for any laboratory, hospital or entrepreneur that wants to integrate the use of genetic information in its business.