Personalized medicine is moving from concept to reality, fueled in part by advances in sequencing technology and data analysis. However, significant business challenges remain that hinder growth and adoption of personalized health care. One such challenge how to is pay for the research and development of new diagnostics and therapies when the target patient population does not fit the traditional pharma “block buster” model. Thus, the health care industry is searching for viable business models to fund personalized therapies and companion diagnostics. How does one attract investment? How does one navigate the regulatory pathway? Will payors reimburse the diagnostic? How does one price the product and service?

The Personalized Medicine Business Summit will tackle these issues on May 14th, in San Francisco. Industry heavyweights such as Steve Burrill, Dr. Elizabeth Mansfield of FDA and Ronnie Andrews of Life Technologies will share their experience and insights on evolving business models for personalized medicine.  Further information is provided at